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I think

I'm dying slowly from carbon monoxcide poisoning from the heater.

Yesterday morning we set free a sparrow. The next door neighbors cat got it the previous night, and he brought it over.
Mommy dearest, who usually orgasms and creams her pants at such events, put me in complete control of it, cause she
was having an indepth talk with Psycho.

By morning he was out of shock and flew away. I have pictures.

I've been having some strange dreams, where i have been going to a sort of magic school, and learning magic abilities and about them like Energy Transferance. I wish my dreams taught me things like, make food appear by wiggling your nose... the theory currently stands that i'm being tested and taught by at least something, i don't like that theory.. :( no. I don't know why all these things are being taught to me in my sleep, but its starting to really scare me now. Too many dreams, and i can't write them off anymore as subconscience. I don't know about or have read about these abilities.

I'm under alot of stress right now with other things too. Traumatic, bad, evil, other things so...
i dunt needa this.

The dreams are so descriptive and fascinating however, maybe i'll describe one here later. Maybe.

The winds are blowing hard and they may knock out the power, i'm feeling really groggy and out of it due to Mom's Heater. She also doesn't care it gets 109 degrees in this room when she turns it on for out there. I go out and yell at her, and she ignores me, continues watching cops, and laughs to herself when they "bag a bad guy"


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